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Need to learn how to wire and install a basic wall-mounted light bulb socket in a dog house, absolute beginner. WILL PAY Answered

I have poured over article after article, and a few "wiring for dummies" type books, but I cannot figure out how to do a simple light socket job. I am not stupid, I can figure out most DIY stuff on my own, but EVERY single tutorial I look at does a poor job at explaining things for someone who doesn't already know how to do it. It feels like I would have to take a college course or read an entire wiring manual just to get the project-specific answers I need, but I am pretty sure its not that complicated. Wiring isn't brain surgery.

My project is this: I am trying to install a light bulb socket onto the wall of a dog house, using a wall-mounted socket like this...

http://www.amazon.com/Leviton-9875-Porcelain-Incandescent-Lampholder/dp/B00002N7IM/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1395899759&sr=8-2&keywords=wall+mount+light+socket  (called a "porcelain incandescent lampholder"?)

...and the power source will somehow be pluggable into an extension cord so I can just plug it into the nearby outside wall outlet. I have no problem understanding how to attach it to the wall or make a hole for the wires, but I just don't know what materials to use to install the socket, wire it for power, etc. So far the only thing I have been able to glean is that I need to strip and then attach a certain wire to the "hot spot" and the neutral wire to the "neutral spot", and maybe use armored wires? But how do I strip the metal casing, and how far do I strip it, and how do I attach the other end to a plug, etc, etc... I need to know every tool involved, every step, anytime you are moving something in the wiring, you need to be describing it, use adjectives and plenty of pictures.

I understand that this is not a quick question, so I will seriously PAY anyone who can really explain it to me (without me having to ask a billion questions because you made too many assumptions, absolute beginner people). Bad example would be :  "...and then take your base and "word I don't understand" and attach it to your power source, and voila!". I would be willing to pay $10-15 to the person who is the most helpful (I could send it via paypal, or snail mail).

Thank you to whoever takes the time to answer.



4 years ago

It depends where you are, in America and other places you only have 2 wires, in the UK you have 3. If you have 2 wires one is the "live" wire, one is the "neutral" . The live wire is generally either brown or red, the neutral is either blue or black. If your in the UK the 3rd wire is the "Earth" and will be green / yellow striped.

Use a knife to score the flex that covers the wires around 30mm from the end, then a bit of bending around the score will generally split the outer coating that covers the wires and you should be able to pull it off.

Once removed you will then have 2 wires (or 3) protruding from the flex coating. Use a knife again to score around each wire, about 10mm from the end. Bending and pulling again will strip the coating off each wire and you should end up with 2 (or 3) wires protruding from the flex, coated up to around 20mm and then bared at the ends by about 10mm. The bare ends should be copper wire.

In your light bulb socket you should have 2 (or 3) terminals. these should be marked L or N (and E for a 3 wire plug) or maybe marked + and -. Put the live wire which should be brown or red into the L or + terminal.

Put the neutral wire which should be blue or black into the N or - terminal.

If you have three wires, put the green / yellow wire into the E terminal.

Do the same at the other end of the cable and either fit a plug or wire it into your socket, depending on what you have.

Everything should now work. If you get the Live & Neutral wires mixed up it generally doesn't matter with a bulb, they should work either way around.

Be aware though that the bulb and fitting will carry mains voltage, this can be lethal if touched or at the least very painful. Take care and don't touch any wires if they are plugged in.

Also make sure your dog can't touch or break the bulb. The live wires could kill it!!!

Maybe think of getting a wire cage to cover the bulb or some other method of protecting it.

Hope this helps.

America has three wire connections, and the UK can have two wire connections...

Great, thanks for the info, its appreciated .... Then only the 3 wire connection details would be applicable. It would be a really bad move to use just 2 wires in a UK socket outside.

According to the IEE regs, an outdoor circuit HAS to be protected by an RCD, so in actual fact two wires work just fine.

also buy one of those on off switch that is wireless and runs off batteries so you can turn the light off in the dog house from inside your house. I attach mine to theside entrance of my back door so I could cut off late at night when my dog was sleeping. It worked great and was under $25 at Lowes. My dog house was only 90 ft from back of my house. In the summer nights te bulb put off heat so needed to cut. Thess switches are easy enough for me to install.


4 years ago

I have dog house that the dog runs into with enough speed to break a bulb and that can start a fire. Your dog can see .... maybe you can't :-)

Obviously you don't have any electrical tools etc, let me suggest you buy a low cost extension 2 wire cord and cut the receptacle end off and use a knife to split the wires and strip the plastic off of the wires about 3/4" and twist the strands together like a barber-pole.

While it's not rocket science it is mains power. But with a 2 prong cord strip both wires at one end. The socket has 2 screw terminals (screw thingies). Screw one wire into one terminal and the other into the other terminal and your done. May want to cover things with electrical tape for safety but that's all there is too it.

I think it's best to go with a pre-made solution. An open and exposed socket like that will not do well in a dog house. First of all the light will create heat that could burn your dog. Second it would be too easy for the animal to break the bulb. Thus causing an electrical hazard for the animal.

Get a work light on a cord. It's already wired for you and it has a protective cover over the lamp. Then you can get creative on how you want to mount it.

Some dogs like to chew on wires so there is almost no way to make it truly safe unless the light is mounted in a sealed box with a plexiglass window. Or just let the dog get a quick education about why its bad to chew on wire.


4 years ago

It can be really simple if you want it to be. All you need is a junction box to mount to the wall and then the light screws to the box. Cut the end off the extension cord, strip it back and use a couple of wire nuts to attach the cord wires to the light wires. If you want it to have a switch get a light with a pull chain switch. Easier and safer to just unplug from the wall when you want it off.

Go to a local hardware store and ask somebody there what you need. They should be able to help you and show you how to put it together. Just don't plug in the cord until its all done.