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Need to make a ticket dispenser be able to have four press able buttons! Help please Answered

The two files there are what i am using i am trying to create a device that i can use a solar panel to run a ticket dispenser.

The buttons need to do the following
Button 1= 1 ticket
Button 2= 2 tickets
Button 3 = 3 tickets
Button 4 = 4 tickets

There is an attached diagram of the ticket dispenser i am order. I can order any type of buttons. If you have any suggestions please feel free to help. Thanks!



5 years ago

What "cpu" are you going to use?
Unless you have a real powerful and expensive solar panel setup, you might not get enough power to run your ticket dispenser without a batter/charger setup.


Reply 5 years ago

That's what I am not sure what to use if you any ideas let me know that would be great