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Need to run a Windows98 platformed program on Wnidows XP. Any suggestions? Answered

I have a portable, single sheet scanner that I would like to use with my laptop. The only problem with this is that the scanner is platformed to Windows 98 and my laptop is Windows XP. The only reason I am looking for this info is that the scanner is so nice to use on the run. One of my former employers had issued a program to the field techs named "SloMo" to slow the microprocessor to allow the Win'98 programs to run on Win 2000 or Win XP. Any ideas?


Another idea (if dual-booting is impractical due to partitioning issues) is to run a virtual machine. Try installing Virtual Box. For Windows 98, you really won't need to allocate more than 1 GB, particularly if you're only using it for this scanner, and you can configure the virtual machine to allow access to other files in your hard drive if necessary.

Have you tried looking for an updated driver? My scanner that I use at the office is supposed to run on windows 98 and would not run on windows xp until I got an updated driver. The driver was acutally in xp but I had not reinstalled the scanner. It's probably not a speed issue.

Unfortunately the latest driver update is for Win'98 and manufacturer has no further updates and nolonger supports the unit.

Have you tried letting windows XP install a new driver from its bank of drivers? that's where mine came from.

For hopefully not sounding too stupid. Where to you find these drivers?

You already asked this question, and I think the problem is that you can't find XP drivers for the scanner. I'd believe that you tried hard enough, so your options are: Get a new scanner, or dual-boot the machine so that you can use the scanner with 98. If it's that old it's probably obsolete, and you won't find XP drivers for it, so it's 98 or not at all. L

Agreed. If you still want to use it, dual boot into w98