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Need tracking device... Answered

I have a horrible problem with keeping cirtain objects of mine within my grasp. As such, I was wondering if there was anything I could put together or attain that may help me keep track of these things. I have no knowledge of these things, so forgive me if what ii'm asking for sounds far-fetched. I'm looking for something like a small thing little beacon that could be attached to something like a shoe or book that sends out a some form of radio waves on a constant frequency, that can be picked up by the receiver that essentially lets you know how close you are by the sound it makes, whether it be through beeps or noise level. I believe things like that are out there, but i'm wondering i';f I can do anything on a really really small level, like the size of a watch battery with a piece of adhiesive on the back. Any kind of help, even just to let me no that its not possible or whatever, would be great. Thanks in advance.


Wow, thanks for all the info, I'll check 'em all out and update. Thanks a lot.


Ok, Ive checked out that web site (http://www.loc8tor.com/) and, I have to say, I love what I see, but u where right, they are a lil expensive. I really wanna try the RFID tags, but I guess what i'm finding Is not what you all have seen, If anyone stumbles on the stuff your talking about let me know, cuz those sound perfect. Andy, that doesn't sound like a bad idea...sadly...I have little knowlege and that stuff, i'd have to pick up a book, lol. I'll keep searching for those RFID things, but if I dont find anything by the 10th, Ill try buying those lock things. Thanks alot guys.

Try these, the company I work for sells them, the actual tags are pretty small. Only drawback, is its relatively expensive, but looks cool :D



10 years ago

Here's an idea; something that buzz's and flashes when you whistle so you can find what you attached it to. You’d need an Op amp set to be a high pass filter, microphone with a transistor to bump the signal strength and a 555 timer in "one shot" mode connected to a buzzer. Microphone to high pass filter and filter to 555, 555 to a buzzer and LED. Hope this helps, Drew

. Well, if you're like me, you'll end up losing the tracker. :) . CameronSS is probably on the right track. I've seen RFID tags that are pretty small and come with an adhesive back. Can't remember where I saw them - looking for something else at the time. . Just guessing, but you may be able to use some base stations with "generic" tags (ie, it will pick up any RFID tag, not just the ones that come with it).

There was an ible for the valentines contest...a "Hubby Tracker" look that up.

Ahhh! I've forgotten what they're called now! There is a company that makes RFID keychains. You can get as many as you want and use a base station to track them. Darn it, I forgot the product name now. Google it.

Cool. I have tried google (like a couple months back) And did end up with a keychain or two (those seemed kinda rare) but they where too huge, unless the part i want (the tracking part) is something i can rip out of it and stick to something like a very tiny camera, it'd just be too big...wouldnt it?