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Needed: French Instructables authors making things with Duct Tape Answered

Salut! Are you an Instructables member who is living in France? We've recently heard from a French TV journalist who is interested in interviewing and filming some local authors who are making things with Duct Tape. 

If you're interested in participating, or want to hear more, leave a comment here. Merci et bonne journée!



Reply 6 years ago

Duct tape.

Not "ruban adhésif" or "le canard tape" (or "royal with tape"...)


Hi guys, I'm new here. I'm from Switzerland (next to France, and almost same language). FYI we call it Chatterton (technical name, probably brand based) or, in an informal way, le Gaffeur (often misspelt Gaffer to be in accordance with the english pronunciation). Gaffeur literally means the "blunderer" as the one that helps with "blunders" or careless mistakes you could have made. Anyway, you were right about "le ruban adhésif" but it's a general term for self adhesive tape...
Hope I helped you out of your dilemma!!


6 years ago

What is duck-tape called in French?

Would they be happy with Belgians?