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Needed: Nuts, bolts and wire Answered

I live in a very poor community and don't have any spare money for parts and the like. I am trying to make a piece of art similar to one I had seen in a doctors office. It was a picture of a train made from parts of a clock. I am making it as a gift for my friend for her new house. I need some nuts, wires, and bolts to finish it. Can anyone refer me to a site with free parts or does anyone have any spare pieces lying around that they aren't going to use? any parts are welcome!                                                                                                                    

                                                                                                                             The Dreamer


What kinds of parts ? can you make a chronological list of everything you need ?


5 years ago

As Christmas is a few days away you may want to check just after Christmas on Garbage day if someone had something that was not working right and got a new one for Christmas they usually just toss out the old thing...

Or if there are apartment buildings in the area check by their dumpsters usually somebody is throwing something out that will have parts that you can use.

An other option is dumpsters in industrial areas..

I live in Knox county Kentucky and have tried Freecycle for laurel county((near Knox)) and have not been able to find anything. My local junkyard charges for any scrap taken.

                                                                                                                   The Dreamer

if you told us where your are (at least country) we might be able to help.

if you told us where your are (at least country) we might be able to help.

It would help if you told us where you are, but that sort of thing can often be picked up as scrap for free from junk yards.