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Needed: Old USB Drives Answered

Hi I'm Working on a big project having to do with flash drive modding and I'm going to need as many as I can get to test and do this. Donations of flash drives would be great though payment is negotiable I will gladly pay for ship within the US. The size of the memory do not matter but the drive must work.

Thanks so much,



Hi There, No worries, I am sure it must be dry by now but please remember, it did go through the washing machine and so if there is water in it, and you plug it into your PC and bad things happen I cant be responsible. I will check the shipping costs today and let you know how much it costs. I will need your address though please to get a quote. Its great that you can recycle the memory stick after Ive destroyed it, at least it is going to good use. April

I've washed memory sticks a number of times and they have worked just fine after they dry out.  Not that I don't want mechcem to have a drive to mess around with...

Hi There, I am just wondering if they need to be fully working, I have a 4gb stick that went through the washing machine yesterday, Its still drying out but you would be welcome to it ifs any use to you? April.
ps, its very clean !

that Would be awesome! Are you in the US ? if so could you ship it to me i'd be happy to pay for shipping