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Needed: a secret tv remote control device that automatically blocks a tv station or switches to a certain station. Answered

It would be so fun to leave a small device in my friends house who hates Fox news. I would set this device to automatically return the TCV to Fox news every X number of seconds / minutes. Possibly it could bloc certain stations so that he could never actually tune to say they're favorite tv show (Heros). Any thoughts, help would be great - FYI I'm not a board level electrical guy. Thanks! Brek



get a universal remote that will work . and if your at his house ask make sure hes in the bathroom or something the turn his tv on turn it on mute hit menu there should be a button that say set v chip and select that and if it has no cable set the v chip in every channel exept for fox....if he has cable and you have a universal remote. simply open the remote and put tape over any number 0-9 and and close the remote and hide it somewheres in his house and that should work but be warned u have tochange the batery often