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Needed urgent help of expert in electronics please...? Answered

I was looking for electronic mosquito repellent circuit, I just google it and wow.... there are hundred of schematics. Any one can tell me which one can work perfectly and....
If I setup 555 timer IC circuit for 10KHz and add a 8 ohm speaker between 3rd pin and battery positive will the speaker give the sound of 10KHz???
Please answer.
Thank you in advance.


The answer is easy - none of them work - Sound isn't very important to mosquitoes - they hunt by smell.

The most SATISFYING way I found, when I catch one in the act on my arm, and its too late to avoid a serious allergic reaction - bites take weeks to heal on me - is to slip the skin under the mossie's poker, so it can't get the poker out, and then pump my forearm, until the little bugger explodes.

Then I get the anti-histamine tablets.

I use a mild electric ac shock probe at the bite site to scramble
( tear up ) large poison molecular chains to minimal less harmful
chemicals in about 3 seconds.
This neutralizes bee, hornet, spider and snake bites if you don't have 
the anti-venom..


Apparently its not got an FDA approval yet, according to one site cited by Rick.

Got a cite for that ? I ain't zappin' nuttin' without a cite....

Still not a citation is it ? The London School of tropical medicine is mentioned, but not with anything like the paper which allegedly says "90% of patients reported a reduction in itching in less than 5 minutes"


I heard this from the manufacturer in NV who sells his products outside
of the USA mostly in South America.

Years ago three men cutting trees deep in a Brazil jungle when one is
bitten by a strange unknown fanged snake.
They are on a small trek hours from camp and days from a hospital that
would probably not even know the snake type let alone anti-venom.

What To Do ?
The clever fellow pulled the spark-plug wire from the chain saw tied the
bare connector to the bite spot and hand cranked the motor..
( I don't know how many times ).

Venoms developed by snakes over thousands of years are very long
confabulations of bizarre molecular chains that are easily ripped apart
by alternating voltage field currents rendering the poisons much less potent if not ultimately harmless.