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Needing Schematic for a High Amp Power Regulator Answered

I have two transformers ( 430-7101A) that're wired together from a APC Battery Back-up that I'd like to turn into a high amp regulated power supply. I've been looking through the site and have seen very few options. I'm positave that (sorry for the pun) there's a shematic somewhere out there and would Love to get my hands on it. These are a very nice pair of transformers that I'd Hate to see go to waste. And help would be Great!




6 years ago

What for?
Or, what doesn't the APC Battery Back-up do as it is?



Reply 6 years ago

The unit itself is slightly burned out, there's been a few years put in on it, so I bought it for parts. The breakers and caps were worth the $10 (canadian) that I paid for it alone...but what I really saw in it was a new 12-15 VDC power supply that Should be able to deliver about 40 AMPS. There's 2 of these transformers wired together. I was thinking that a person could build two 20+ Amp supplies or one 40 Amp supply.