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Negative Google Answered

There are ways and means of putting websites high on the results of a google search.

Are there ways of dropping it down the list of a particular search, though? I am thinking particularly of the S-word - if one googles for a phrase that contains the S-word, this site comes out as third hit.

So, is there a way to make Instructables less popular for that particular search?


No, simple answer. If you do you will damage the whole site, simple thing is to just delete the thread. or just deny the url in the robots.txt

That's what I was thinking. They could just specify the undesirables to not show up.

"or just deny the url in the robots.txt"

DOH! Why didn't I think of that before.

That should do it, I think. We'd need a separate robots.txt just for that one forum, but I think that can be arranged, no?

Dang, that is too bad. Not that traffic to instructables is bad, the traffic to that certain topic on this site is bad. I am sure a number of people have come to this site through that one search. I don't know, maybe the only way of lowering it on the list, is to delete the topic all together. I am not saying I do not support the help for depressed people, I am saying that the traffic to that type of topic is not really a positive attribute to the site.

' Not a positive attitude ' I heartily agree. It still seems amazing to me that people are genuinely responding to the question of "What's the best way to off myself?" (sorry if that sounds unsympathetic but I've been there, before anyone critisises me)

What shall we start seeing next? Instructions for diy brain surgery? Home abortion tips?

I dont think i'm being flippant but, come on.

Home alien abduction kit instructions? :-) Sorry, I have a strange sense of humor.

Would that come with a probe? I guess we both have strange soh.

Yes but the metallic table is extra :-)