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Nema 17 stepper motor problem, how can I solve it? Answered

Hello guys, I finally get done my Laser Engraver with Arduino, it's actually a combination of 3 projects from here, and now, at the end, my motors does not work...

Here you can find the motor I use: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-shipping-1PCS...

I connect them on a cnc shield with A4988 drivers, I use GRBL as a firmwale and the program for engraving I don't think they matter, because I use 3 of them with no results.

P.S.: the Laser is working, the M03 and M05 functions works great, but the motors not a step...

Thank you and I accept any speculations, I was thinking that the current from the driver was not enough, but after a research I found that isn't true ( I think ).


Thank you all, I fix that problem, I did not connect the 5V on the shield from arduino... and that fixed it :D

With power on, check if you can turn the stepper shaft, it should be locked in position due to voltage applied to all the field coils, so if it turns easily there's no voltage to the motors.

Check the voltage to your driver pcb, Im using DRV8825's so no help there, but you should get 12V across your VDD and GND pins.

Thats of course assuming your psu is 12V.

I got only 0.05V there, what should I check? my source release 12V but it seems like something it's wrong..Thank you for your time!

Look for blown fuses or a burned trace on your shield or companion wires.

Not withstanding your own mistakes in wiring ;-)