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Neo1973 or Chumby Answered

I need your advice. I have been looking at the neo1973 phone for a while. It is an open source phone that allows you to do a lot. It has a touch screen,gsm,gps,2 accelerometers,and wifi. It is open source so there is infinite number of applications available. It costs about $400.
Just recently I have been looking at the chumby. The chumby is an open source linux based mini computer. It has on 3.5 in touch screen, 2usb ports, wifi, and built in speakers. You can do a lot with its widgets (rss,weather,youtube,music,movies,flickr,facebook...ect) It cost $180.
So I was wondering which one would you get and/or if you have any experience with one or both of the products.


NEO! *drools on keyboard*

Zachninme has a chumby, so ask him any questions about it (and make sure to spam his inbox =-p )


10 years ago

We've got a chumby, and the widgets enable it to sit on a desk and flash distracting things. We ended up turning it off to avoid distraction at work. That said, Bunny (Chumby founder) is awesome, and a really smart guy. (Not sure how that should affect purchasing decisions, though.) No info for you on the neo.

Did you develop any instructables widgets? There are probably not a lot of instructables chumby users so it might just be a waste of your time but it would cool. What did you think of the size. Was it smaller or bigger than you expected? Thanks Joe


10 years ago

The Chumby seems cool and has an awesome name.

Yeah, it is pretty cool. It would sit by my bed as an alarm clock and/or at the breakfast table for rss feed reading.