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Neon sign transformer Answered

Hello everybody,
I am looking for a Neon Sign Transformer (NST), I can not find any in my local area and cannot use ebay because I am 15 years old. So if anybody has an old used NST that you don't want anymore and willing to give it away or can obtain a NST for free from your local dump or neon sign stores, I would really want it! I will pay the postage bill.
If you are curious why I wanted a NST, I want to build a Tesla Coil, I had built other Tesla Coils using other power supplies but I always have bad luck with them, they don't work properly so that is why I wanted a NST.

I really don't mind how much voltage the NST gives out, like between 6Kv to 15Kv, but I do mind how much current it gives out, I only want a transformer that can give give out current between 20mA to 40mA, because of this, I don't want to build a big Tesla Coil yet...

So, if you have a NST that you are willing to give away, please respond to me ONLY if you live in UK (United Kingdom), because I cannot afford such high postage (shipping) bill from other countries like America..


actually you can buy stuff on ebay without an account but it has to be "buy it now" and you have to have a paypal account


9 years ago

sorry i got confused the transformer is actually £6.68 and i forgot that the postage shown was for usa i don't know how much it actually costs probably nearer £36-£60 i now think it is too expensive for you sorry for the confusion. i have also experienced a similar problem when i was looking for a gelcel battery but now i use maplin leadacid batteries(2 12v 7.2ah 1 6v 7.2ah) don't buy you may be taxed! i also live in the uk and my dad bought a laptop from the usa and cost a fortune to deliver and then he had to pay extra £40 for tax!

if you wait long enough, i will post a solid state tesla coil that neither uses nsts nor spark gaps.......

*Tapping a finger on a mac computer and waiting for tech-king's best ever instructable to come up...

Can't you get your parents to go on ebay?

I can get what I wanted from ebay, but it is extremely rare for a used NST from the UK to come up to ebay, and the new ones are too expensive for me... :-(

I have: 7.5kv 60ma 10,000 kv 23ma and a 0-140 variac 10 amp :D plus various flybacks that I don't use and an ignition coil (25,000 volts? ?mA

Yeah, you got the NST from ebay... Nice of you showing the ebay link to those NST's, too bad I live in UK...

I have a 0-270v variac 1.5 amp

And I have one ignition coil and 15 flyback transformers.

(Actually, I have 14 flybacks, because one is completely burnt out... Also, how the hell do you take apart a flyback transformer??? I am trying to get the the HV diode.)

NST is a great device, and can be use for a lot of projects, I am also looking for one!
I see you like high voltage stuff, visit Penguin Lab for lots of them, from Tesla coils, to coil guns...

Good luck finding the Neon sign transformer.

Yeah, I know Penguin Lab, he has too much cool stuff! :-)

Yea, well, maybe you could do what he did....for the Tesla coil....

If you have then in the US I want one