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Nerf Big Bad Bow mod help & cpvc question? Answered

Does any body think this would be a good mod for a Nerf Big Bad Bow? Also if you have any other mods that would be cool on it or any suggestions please leave a comment.
Also #2: does anyone know of anything that fits tight but not too tight inside 1/2 in cpvc?


ok, check this out. I just finished moding mine so that it shoots normal bullets instead of arrows, and the power that is usually used to shoot the arrow makes the normal bullet go REALLY far and fast (and its really powerful). but i do like how you incorperated the maverick to the bow. thats a great touch. Reply and ill tell you how i modded it (bad at spelling, lol)


7 years ago

Cool idea, I really like the maverick integration. I believe I saw someone on Youtube cut the cocking mech in half to solve a similar problem. The Clip system looks a bit complicated though, wouldn't a RSCB clip be simpler?

As for finding something to fit inside cpvc, no idea. You may just have to go to a hardware store and see what fits inside.

I dont like having to shake my gun to reload but its a good idea I guess. I already did part of this mod I just never finished it caus of school. I did forsakenangels shotgun speargun mod and all I have left is to add the maverick and the clip and it will work fine. Ill probably get it done close to the end of the school year or in the summer sometime when I have more time to mod.

That seems like it would be hard to do, but if you can do it that would be awsome, also i would remove the air restrictors, add a stronger spring, and get a better seal for it. And for the 2nd question any sort of stock dart and most stefans fit pretty tightly into cpvc, i'm not sure about other pipes though.