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Nerf Firefly or Maverick? Answered

I've been meaning to buy a new nerf gun for awhile now but I cant decide between the nerf maverick and the firefly. Both seem hella awesome but not sure which one works better. Any suggestions?


 get them both! i have a maverick and it is my favorite blaster for close quarters nerfing and i just ordered a firefly rev 8 @ boscovs online for only $22.99 with a gift card from christmas. i doubt the firefly is a better blaster, but it's friggin cool- when playing at night, every trigger pull produces a muzzle flash as it charges one of the glow in the dark darts it comes with, which leaves the barrel like a tracer round. and, because of it's bullpup design, it's not over-sized and unwieldy... did i mention it holds 8 darts in it's muzzle and is freakin cool???

Maverick or the barracade it full auto, ten darts and a pistol

try shooting it with streamlines( the bullets with the recon, raider, longshot, and comming in fall 2010 the deploy and longstrike.

I recommend the Maverick because although it holds six darts compared to the eight darts of the Firefly, the Maverick is much more convenient, feels more comfortable than the Firefly, and fires most darts. It is also $10 cheaper than the Firefly.

I think you should get the Nerf Firefly because it holds 8 darts than compared to the maverick's 6. Also, you can add glow in the dark pads to the darts to make them glow in darkness. The gun has a light I think, too. I recommend you getting the Firefly.