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Nerf Gun Modification Services Answered

Hey all. I've been modifying nerf blasters for about 2 years now, and would like to make my services availbable to everyone. From integrations to breeches, you can find it here.

I'll be willing to modify the following (to a certain extent on some blasters):

Big Bad Bow
Airtech 2000

My contracts will consist of a blaster that you send (or the money FOR the blaster and service). I will then perform the modification and send it back to you.

Or, we can discuss the type of blaster you're looking for, make it a suprise, THEN talk prices.








Copy and paste those links into your browser, they're pictures but I don't know how to attatch them.

Also willing to do paintjobs and detailing.

Contact me at chris11995522@aim.com or I/M me via AIM.


whats are the mods for the longshot and can you paint it?

I also have feedback that can be found on several nerfing forums. Sadly, I do not have an Ebay or PayPal account, and all deals must be made via checks.

If I ever get my PayPal account up and running, I'll post it.

I'd also like to take a moment to say be careful if I make you a modified blaster. If it's all black, don't bring it out in public. Don't shoot someone without glasses on, it's just plain ol' dumb. My friend still has permanent damage in his right eye because of a different, not so intelligent friend. Be smart. Also, wear glasses yourself. Last, but not least, the dart that I will make consist of a felt disk cover, preventing the weights from flying out and causing possibly severe injuries. Do not use damaged darts. Do not make "death darts" and fire them out of any blaster I modify for you.

You CAN go ahead and do the above, but don't hold me liable as you have been warned. I want you guys to enjoy the blaster I create for you, and I make quality stuff, but I really do it for the hobby, not so you can be "supa cool" and shoot them at your friends. Nerf with others, enjoy your modified blaster, and don't be dumb, is all I ask.

Whats your username on any of the nerf forums (nerfhaven, nerfhq, nerfrevolution?) 

Chris is Cool on nerfhaven. Just search chris in the feedback topic.

On Nerfrevolution I'm Homasimpson. I'll ask the people I've traded with to post some feedback. All together I've done 10 deals and I'm in the process of 3 more. All have ended well. I'm 100% positive.

If only you could mod this to fire a a grappling hook , but I doubt any one can do that.

i want you to modfi my nerf longshot front gun integration and air restrictal removal for 40$ ok?


8 years ago

What mods can you do on a Maverick.

Many. I can do a russian roulette or full barrel removal mod, plus air restrictor removal. I can add a spring and do a straw mod too, if you'd like.