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Nerf Longshot Magazine Mod Answered

hello. i was opening my longshot magazine tooo see how it worked and to deside iff i shoud mod it or not. well i unscrewwwed the ..well... screws and then the pusher spring popped ouut and i dont want to open the mag all the way because i dont wanbt to break it. does anyboody know how to openitt without breaking it? please respond because i dont want to only have 1 mag cartuner55 ps sorry for any mispellings i am typing this on my Wii



9 years ago

If your going to mod it your going to HAVE to take the stuff out, just as long as you can remember where to put them back...If there is no damage to the magazine, it won't break. Just make sure you know what your doing. Like me, I'm going to mod mine too; I'm going to extend the clip to have more capacity just like nerfer192 said.


10 years ago

i pretty sure you wont break it but a good mod is gluing two clips together for more capacity.