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Nerf N-Strike Firefly Rev-8 - need help Answered

I recently bought a Firefly Rev-8, and i love it.... the glow in the dark is pretty sweet. I have searched the internet high and low for mods for it, but havent found anything other than extend your spring (which i have done) Any mods would be greatly appreciated; i also read something about converting water guns into nerf- would this work with a Super Soaker? And finally, i want to get a reasonably priced ($5-$25) priced "sniper" for nerfing... i used the big bad bow and it worked quite well (modded to remove the strings and shoot normal nerf darts). Is there any other guns that you recommend? Im sry if this is in the wrong place, i am brand new to instructables. Regards, Asalamalakum


 I started a re-paint for my firefly, but as I put mine back together I can't seem to remember the assembly for the trigger and the spring that pulls it back. Any up-close pics of the section there with the spring and the turning mechanism that would be great. 

well im woozy so just help plz ? oh im woozy from blood lose i think oh well just help me.

owwwwww!!!!!!! it just pinched i me hard and ohhh wow im bleeding hold on.............................. well ok that hurt like mad but hold on i need to test. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! it flew back and hit the wall tell me how to make it not kill some one i can atach the cocker back on.

Well i only have one which has sand in it because of one of my friends and no it wont cock!!!!!! I tock it apart and tryed to fix it but it the woulnt buag at all! Some one tell me how to fix it and what i need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will send u a video when I get my camera back in two days ok

Thanks very much.... And do you know if i can convert my Super Soaker into a Nerf Gun? ~Asalamalakum~

Nerf firefly can be modded quite nicely if you remove the air blocks from teh barells. i can do this for you and seel you a fionished one over evay if u want. I modd ans sell guns on ebay and would be GLAD to make a special, set price, auction just for you! email me for info jhalek90@aim.com keep on nerfing. ~Twisted

hey I am experimenting on co2 compressed guns and I came up with a easy gun maybe u can use it on your nerf gun. its a co2 duster used to clean dust of the inside of the computers its called doctor clean I got mine at STAPLES