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Nerf guns Answered

Hey, I have an update to my Nerf arsenal, with the nerf Rapidstrike, Centurion, Hammershot, and Buzzbee Barbarian! They are all awesome! The Rapidstrike is my new primary, and the Centurion (yes it has great range and I put a scope on it) is my secondary! I took tons of videos, and made a makeshift shooting range out of the boxes. The centurion is mot very accurate at all though... :/

Stay tuned for some mods!



u dun have a vulcan yet?

Because they got outdated and replaced, with the Hail-Fire, which I do have.

Are you sure about that? In Germany they are selling an elite Vulcan:


Well, according to BayAreaNerf, it is debatable whether Nerf had plans to re-release the Vulcan/Havok as a reshell. I don't know though, you may be right. To me there doesn't seem to be enough info.

Yes, it is a reshell. The only thing that makes it "elite" are the darts. It seems like it was not released in the US so far.

Ah, I see. Well I'm definitely going to check it out if I see it here any time soon. Thanks for the info! :)

Yeah the Centurion and Rapidstrike are pretty cool. I usually use the RS18 with the Raider drum mag, though, and it works great. The ammo lasts for about 12 seconds total, with 36 darts (twice as long as with the EXMag).

Nice arsenal, I got a Rapidstrike too! The ROF is super high! ;)

Yeah it does!

My complete collection:

(Modified into a heavily camouflaged Sniper Rifle with a 3-9x32 Wolverine Sniper Scope, and the NK External Power Mod -a secret for now-)

(With an RF3 7X20 Tasco Sniper Scope mounted on a tactical rail)

(Formerly my NK Macaw UMG-I unmodified it)

-Hail Fire
(With a stock and foregrip attachment)

-Buzzbee Overlord
(Temporarily with a large tripod)

-Buzzbee DoubleShot

-Nite Finder
(Band Modded)

(Band Modded-Acquired on soft release)

(With removable barrel extension. My favorite, along with the RapidStrike and Centurion)

(Still stock, haven't gotten around to modding that yet...)

-5 Reflexes
(One modded into a grenade launcher, another is a MasterKey, one I used for scrap, two modified)

(Band Modded- I think I was the first to come up with that mod...)

(Still stock, but I will band mod it)

-Secret Strike
(Not Shot :P; I removed the shell)



(I modded it too much, and it broke. I use it for scrap)

(Same status as Maverick)

-Nerf SuperSoaker Point Break
(Bought it to make a dart gun, haven't gotten around to it...)

-Nerf SuperSoaker Thunderstorm
(With extended tank)

-Two N-Force Swords

-Total Nerf SWAT team style uniform with vest.

-A few other random guns, all generic (A.K.A. cheap) Bought for modding and parts.


-Riot Shield with storage for NF, Proton, and Vigilon, and spare ammo)

-NK SuperPhantom (still in progress, with a Tasco scope)

-Grim Reaper Crossbow

-M72LAW Replica (to scale and weight) Water Rocket Launcher

-AA12 and Slayve Driver Crossbow, given to a friend.

-Pipe Bomb

-ShotBat (Modified, yes I modded my own gun... )

-Pyrotechnic pullpin smoke grenades (for cover) I bought these.

-A lot of other misc. Tacti-cool stuff.

And new guns

-Nerf ZombieStrike Hammershot
-Nerf Centurion
-Nerf Rapidstrike

Guns I am trying to obtain:

-Nerf Javelin [Nerfer TOP SECRET] Can't tell you much on this for now.
-Nerf Magnus [Nerfer TOP SECRET] Same as Javelin

:) thanks

are the zombie strike Nerf guns any good

Yeah they are great! The Hammershot is very fun to use, with good accuracy, power, size, and range! It is $15. The Sledgefire is also cool! I think it shoots 3 darts at once with shells.

I definitely recommend the Hammershot! It is one of the best nerf guns of the year, and there are plenty of mods for it!

I hope you check it out! Feel free to ask more questions!

I see you finally got those Nerf guns. It looks beautiful. :P