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Netbook and no flash? Answered

I have a nice 7" net-book (off branded from China) Du should of known but cant watch video on it because I can't get Adobe flash on it as you may know it runs windows ce or something like that no HHD any help would be greatfull....Thom


Get Flash Lite 3.1 Windows CE Plug in for Internet Explorer.Flash Lite is an optimized version of Adobe Flash for mobile and embeded devices.
It is offered by Calsoft Labs, I hope this is something you could use.


I had one just like you are talking about, I tried upgrading the system, but since it was embedded ce and there was only 1gb of flash storage, it didn't work. You could try Tragic's suggestion, I never knew about that program, but I ended up just biteing the bullet and getting an aspire one. For what I use it for, it's great. If you want to do gaming, forget it. But you get the idea. Even if you did get a flash player, it wouldn't work well because there is next to no ram on that little netbook.

7" seems really small for a netbook. Do you mean a tablet or a netbook? Either way, what about a new operating system that supports flash? Perhaps a Linux OS.

You're stuck there for Flash I think.