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Network connected telephone answering machine Answered

I was hoping that SOMEONE made a telephone answering machine with a network connection so that it would do its thing like any other digital answering machine but the messages could be managed over my network.

So I did a google search and it seems others have also been interested in such a thing - albeit the most recent queries being at least a year old.

The answers were - "I already have that on Vonage" - sorry - don't want voip!!

And various programs that would let your computer, with voice modem, do that including linux programs.

Well - I don't have a full blown computer on all the time and am not likely to.

And so I thought - how about a small computer - but don't have one - couldn't think of one ...

And then I thought ..... Raspberry PI!!??

So small and low power that it could even be put in an old answering machine case and low power draw.

Does anyone think its enough computer to do this?  Anyone up to inventing one?


Freepbx and a host of others for the pc

Asterisk and otherersfor the RPi

you don't have to rewrite the world here. why not just build a VOIP PBX on pi as such


if it can run Linux it can generally run asterisk. you can do basically anything with asterisk as a PBX.

Doesn't take any power to play and record audio. So put it together and make an instructable on it.

Play and record audio ..... AND put in MP3 files on SD card and AND write browser accessible interface to manage those files OR store to network drive network drive and they could all be managed from networked PC - including making and placing the greeting mp3. ALL way beyond what I know how to do with a PI - which is exactly nothing. HOPEFULLY a LINUX answering app with run on the PI - I just don't know since I have no PI experience.

The pi is basically a small unix based computer. You put a unix OS on it and run any unix app you want.