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Never type again -how slackers make instructables Answered

Check out my new instructable. It shows you how to never have to type using a free service called jott. You can then take that, add pictures, and make a complete ible without ever touching your keyboard.


What do you think?
Eric, do you approve? Other Instructables staff?


my mom bought dragonspeak. id rather just type lol

dragonspeak is pretty much the same thing...you speak into a mic and it instantly types out what you say

i havnt used the one you use. but im assuming that dragonspeak is better because it costs about 100 dollars maybe more..

Just because it is more expensive doesn't mean its better. Linux is free, OS x Leopard is $110, and Vista is $330 Does that mean that vista is the best? Absolutely not! It is the opposite.

that is awesome! THe voice to text is perfect! I don't exactly have the best of speach and I sometimes slur my words (Not extremely, but you know what I mean) and it translated it perfectly

Thanks! Hope you like it. I know what you mean. I was going to write the instructable up in it, but I kept losing my train of thought. I just found this today, so I'm not sure of how good it is.