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New AR-4 Commando v2-NOW POSTED Answered

ITS POSTED!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my latest knex gun, the AR-4 Commando v2. Now that i have gained more parts, i could fix the problems present in the v1.


(a * means an improvement over the v1)
-Jam-free mag-also removable in order to mod (its expandable)*
-better handle*
-more strength*
-has a front grip*
-stock is more filled in*
-true trigger
-comes with shoulder strap (optional)*
-uses a dual-rail system
-slightly more accurate than the v1*
-35-40 foot range
-has a sight*


-uses more parts than the v1
-3/4 of the barrel is fake (yes, i tried to make it more accurate, but the ammo kept getting stuck)
-takes longer to reload than v1 (mostly because it holds more)
-pretty awkward when you use the front grip

so, i will post this saturday (if i am not busy), and i hope you enjoy!


its better but i still like your longbow better :)

It looks so... So smooth so uhm... so powerful! And i like the nice finishing touches :)

compared to my commando, is it better

No, i like that one better now :P I think it looks great and it performs well :) New fav: AR v2

are you posting tomorrow its a definate build


9 years ago

See now if you had waited and posted this instead of your v1 then you would have gotten a lot better comments.

can i enter this in tgkt?

Because you are not entered in TGKT.

Because the list is drawn up already. There were only a certain number of places, otherwise the rounds would not add up correctly.

ah well. i dont want to join now, because i have a feeling that round 2 is going to be a ball machine..............

Yep, I think that too. I hope they'll class a pinball machine as a ball machine, I may try and persuade Jollex.

no, i dont think they will class a pinball machine as a ball machine, as a ball machine is automated, but a pinball machine needs constant manual work to function

you can go ahead, but he probably may say no. just ask.

THE CATEGORY FOR ROUND 2 WILL NOT E BALL MACHINES! Just thought I should get that out there.

Uh I know I'm entered but so are you and it was my idea originally you're just running it so do I still have a say in what we do for each round?

YES!!!! That means that if a miracle happens and I get to round 2 I have a chance! Lol.

Hmm. You're slowly improving. This one is actually something I might build.

Slowly?, I think he's improving pretty rapidly.

Hmm. But still not up to Knexpert standard.

Definitely not knexpert, but he will be soon at this rate.

how close is this gun to knexpert level?

I think that you will be there in the next couple of guns if you improve them as much as this was of an improvement over your last gun.

my next gun is using a new top-secret removable clip mech........

or, do you want a full auto without a huge wheel or chain?

woo, thats cool. the more parts i have, the better i get i also have an idea for a removable clip mechanism. it is simple, so its top secret

yeah, the only downside is that it needs micro knex parts............

Hmm, won't be liked that much then :(.

Well, maybe. (I don't have any)

Lol, I haven't bought any knex (Except some ball joints of Knexusergroup) since I was 8.

yeah, they have minis in every tub. and i have plenty after i got ripped off with the ball machine