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New Ball Machine In The Works Answered

Hey everyone. I started a new ball machine a few weeks ago, and I would like some help from the community in terms of ideas for paths. I have 8 more paths to go on this machine, so all ideas are welcome. I have a few videos of progress so far, but I'm at a current standstill because of a lack of parts. (Don't let this influence ideas because I will get more pieces.) 


I dig the alternate spiral path design.

I was always a fan of the "Trampolines" from trampoline tower, you should throw a few of them in.

Hey at least I tried. There are some other good elements in there too. What kinds are you looking for?

Something that is visually appealing/interesting. Moving parts are nice. I do like that element but I just don't think it fits this machine for some reason. The way it's built right now is a wall of sorts. I want to use elements that are bigger vertically rather than horizontally.

Okay. I like the one that dropping one from the Big Ball factory where as the ball drops the sides pop out.

Might wanna fix the link.

Don't fix it if it ain't broke? It works for me.

Oh. It didn't work for me at first but it's fine now. I assumed it didn't work at first because of the weird way the link was typed.


7 years ago

Looks pretty dam nice =D