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New Ball Machine Preview - Ideas Appreciated Answered

This is my new UNFINISHED knex ball machine. I haven't put much up recently, but I've been working on this. I got more knex which is why this is larger than my earlier stuff (Thanks to silentassassin21 for selling me his), and because of this I want to make a large rifle after this so keep that in mind. This is a preview of an unfinished machine so ideas for the last 3 or 4 paths are welcomed. You may note it uses 2 types of balls. If you use my idea for the separator of sizes of knex balls I'd like credit. (If this has been done before I would be surprised because I've never seen one like this before) Thanks for viewing!


Looks amazing. Love the ball splitter.

Im making a ball machine using your vertical chainsaw lift. It is your's right?

If you saw it on shadowmans yeah. I made one once it very well may be mine, but you know there have probably been other ones posted too. Thanks!

The lift didn't work? Ill message you some pics. That way you can help me (see the problem.)


7 years ago

that looks sweet!

How does the new element work?

You can kinda see it in the 2nd picture, but basically the balls enter the front and the rods (with spacers) move out to the side allowing the yellow/red ones to drop through while the larger black/white/green ones to go over.