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New Ball Machine Answered

I am currently making a new ball machine, It will have a 'Jungle'  theme to it. I'm thinking of a name for it.. i have these so far: Jungle, Monkey and Swingin'. If you have any ideas for elements or names feel free to comment. It will have 4 paths.

*EDIT* This ball machine is now finished. I will post a video but no instuctions. To give you a hint of what it looks like here are the names of the four paths:
Old mine,
Vine run,
Broken bridge,
And Waterfall.

I will call It "Rumble In The Jungle" thanks to MegaMetal8. 



7 years ago

cool, cant wait to see it

Sounds great.

Oh yeah bit of a cheesy name but: Rumble in the Jungle

That name is acctually great! I think im gonna use it!

how about:the jungle gym or rain forest