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New Birding Group! Answered

I just started a new birding group so if you are a birder be sure to join.


Store-brand chunky peanut butter and store brand oats (the birds don't care about brand names, but don't use instant oats). Used to put raisins and honey in there at the beginning but learned they don't eat the raisins, don't taste the honey and I used to eat too much of it before putting it out for 'the kids'. Mix it by hand but the Kitchenaid works best. Takes a while to get the right 'consistency'. Drill holes in a dried out branch/log and fill with suet mixture. We get red bellies, yellow bellies, downys, hairys, chickadees, warblers, titmice, and wrens and the occasional raccoon, flying squirrel and CONSTANT visits by squirrels. and YES, i realize that "skunkbait's" post was four years ago, but somebody might get some good out of this post. I know we do. We fill the feeders when we get home from work and now during winter, the pine warblers are WAITING for us and land right next to us anticipating their yummy afternoon meal.

What do you feed them? I would like to fatten up our birds.

I feed smaller birds black oil sunflower, its a very good all-round seed, it has a thin shell that is easy for birds to hack through, and is high in fat. I feed suet to Chickadees, Nuthatches, Creepers, and Woodpeckers. You can make your own, of buy pre-made stuff from the store. White millet I feed to sparrows, it works well on the ground. I feed nyger/thistle to finches. I get house and pruple finches, along with siskins and Goldfinchs. I also have safflower, but its not doing so well. The biggest plus of safflower is that squirrels NEVER eat it. Its nice. I feed shelled peanuts in a silo to much the same bird species as the suet.

I basically feed them any bird seed that comes from any supermarket that contains little seeds for smaller birds and black oil sunflower seeds for Cardinals and other bigger birds. The thing that the woodpeckers like are probably the sunflower seeds. I'm not sure what kind of food would be really good for fattening birds up.

I imagine as long as it's a neutral sort of feed, It should not effect the taste of the meat too much. Lots of people feed bread or corn to animals a week or two before they plan to eat them.

Any good recipes for woodpeckers?

Sorry I really don't focus on woodpeckers that much, but i have seen red-headed woodpeckers eating from my feeders.