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New Category: Origami Answered

Origami needs its own category. Seriously. 

Yes, there is a 'paper' category under living and yes, there is a 'paper airplanes' category under play but origami deserves its own home. Even though I've posted a lot of origami in the paper category, I always feel weird doing it since I feel like Living, Paper is for stuff like making paper, books, cards, and maybe paper craft (though this should be under the play category and maybe have a section of its own too). I've also posted a few things in the paper airplane's category because it's flying origami but still don't feel like it's the right place for it.

I feel like origami much better fits under the Play area (instead of living) and there is definitely enough of it to warrant its own category. Please give the orphan origami a home. 


I agree, with some hesitation. Origami is very popular. No question. But so is Kirigami. If you move both of these out of the "paper" category, what exactly would be left over there?

Tons of stuff! Besides the paper making, books, and cards that I already talked about, there's stuff like bows, paper mache, cardboard things, wrapping, and anything else that could be made out of paper. I think at the very least there should be a 'paper toys' category under Play. The Living category just doesn't fit the spirit of origami or other plaything made of paper.

Paper stuff is so difficult to classify lol! I think Paper under living should stay because there are tons of things that fit that but then Paper under play is a bit more complicated.
I like origami and papercraft but I consider them completely different categories. Origami usually involves folding a square piece of paper into something cool while papercraft usually involves gluing, cutting, folding, and maybe even other materials such as string or paperclips. If I were searching Instructable for an origami project to do and there was only a papercraft category then I would be looking at a bunch of projects that I wasn't really interested in.
The best solution I can think of is to get rid of the paper airplanes category and replace it with an origami category and a papercraft category. I think this would be great because some paper airplanes are more origami-ish while others are more papercrafty.

Yes. Perhaps merge with Paper Airplanes? or just make it a new category under play?

I would LOVE 2 c an oragami category

I agree, I love it and I've recently become a subscriber of yours