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New "Contemperary" Layout of Pics Doesn't Quite Work Answered

On I devices, such as the iPad I am using currently, the new picture layout gets messed up. I can't quite describe it but it takes a while to load, and if you tap certain pics it opens up another window and sometimes takes you to the users profile page. I would highly appreciate, along with others, if there was a option in the profile (like the option for all steps on one page) to be able to switch to the older version. I myself liked it much more than the new layout, because I can choose which picture I want to see, and not have to see them all. Thanks!



I can't get this replicate on my smartphone, but we'll definitely take a look at it. What iPad are you using and can you direct me to the project you were looking at when this happened?

I've been getting issues on my iPod as well (looking at the normal site, not the mobile version). Scrolling up through the images, I'll accidentally open one, then the "close" X is so small that I can't hit it, so I do the finger-spread thing and suddenly I'm looking at the image download page (which, by the way, seems to show the images with the notes embedded as a part of the image?).

It's very frustrating, and would, as a new user, put me right off the site.

Thanks for the clarification Kiteman! I'm going to show this to the dev team tomorrow and see what they can do to fix.

In the meantime, it'd probably be better to use the mobile version of the site on mobile platforms (I mean, that is what it was designed for, and it works really well).

(CT powers don't function in the mobile version.)

Can I ask a dumb question, Matt? I don't use mobile devices, so I don't know the answer.

If something like an iPad, iPod, etc. accesses the Web site, doesn't it include something in the HTTP header to specify either what it is, or what kinds of HTML etc. it can handle?

Couldn't the I'bles server parse that header data and automatically redirect to the mobile version? Or does that just become an unending chase after what strings each device sends in the header?

We absolutely can do that. A lot of mobile browsers give you the option to over-ride that feature though.

In this case, the problem is more that we're still finishing up our mobile site, so it's not really finished yet, so all those cool features may not yet be implemented.

That's pretty much exactly what I'm talking about. It just gets frustrating. And it's not any given instructable, it's all of them who have more pictures. Like kite man said, a complete turn off for new users. And since mobile version is available, I sometimes use it, but on an iPad it's not very practical. It would be great to have an option in your profile to switch between the new layout and the old one. Thanks.


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Don't know what that is.... But thanks? :)

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