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Monday Sept 8: Forbes Faberge Egg Contest Starts Answered

Next weekMonday, September 8, we'll be starting up the long-awaited Forbes Faberge Egg Contest. You may have seen the teasers in the newsletter and it is most definitely coming soon.

We want to see what amazing decorated eggs you can make. The egg can be real or it can be plastic. The decorations can be traditional or it can be very modern. The materials are up to you and can include high-tech touches. Just don't be subtle about it as the original eggs were completely over the top. You can read more about them here and here.

We'll announce the prizes next week along with the rest of the details of the contest.

Edit: The traditional way is to blow out a real egg to cut open and decorate. Check out Steps 1 and 2 in this Instructable from KaptinScarlet for a quick tutorial.


lol this is funny i like the spike thing im gonna make one! except i wont enter it in the contest ill just throw it at my sisters ugly boy friend. lol not well i could

Can the egg be wood ? I have one about the size of an ostrich egg

I am serious, I have a rather large solid wooden egg....can I use this?

Well I can not answer you in any official capacity but after reading about the Faberge eggs I am having trouble discerning whether they were in anyway an actual egg. (Highly possible I just missed it, I do live life in a perpetual state of dizzyness) So... along those lines I would think that you could use wood or whatever, as long as its clear the main focus is an egg, that it is visibly recognizable as an "egg" be it plastic, egg, wood, or whatever? I hope I can find the time to enter this one... so many ideas... so little time.

Ok, thanks. I have to get moving on it pretty fast though....the last one I did was much smaller and took a week or so to complete.


Hate to sound stupid but... WHERE THE FLIP IS THE CONTEST?!?!?!

Okay, I made one instructable, and just waiting for the contest to show up so I can publish the instructable...


Check charity shops and thrift stores :D

Why did you delayed the contest?



Yayayayay! I have an idea for this, I believe. Now where can I find plastic eggs? I must investigate.

Try the link above, the one that was posted by Goodhart.

Dollar store or maybe a thrift store. Or you can hunt down and mug a plastic easter bunny.

Now where can I find plastic eggs? I must investigate.

L'eggs is a popular brand of women's pantyhose which created a marketing sensation in the 1970s by placing its product in white plastic chicken egg-shaped containers (albeit much larger) and garnering shelf space in grocery stores.

Is it just me, or does this seem like a completely random pairing? Forbes & Fabrege Eggs? Oh, and does this mean that Instructables will be in Forbes? Yay :D

Malcolm Forbes was one of the largest collectors of Fabrege eggs and other Fabrege items in the world. About ten years ago he and many other collectors allowed their collections to be displayed at several museums throughout the US in one large exhibition. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen.

Yesss! We have dozens of plastic eggs around here. I'll probably be able to figure something out for this.

Could you send me a few? I haven't bought Legg's for a few months now and am fresh out of plastic eggs :-)

wait, i forgot, can you submit more than one instructable to a contest?

oooh can't wait, got sooooo many ideas,I live in Africa, am I eligible to take part

Ah-ha. I can't wait. This is going to be quite an experience.

Oh I have a few ideas already, you lot want over the top, you're going to get it...

Hmmm, since I only eat EggBeaters now, I must find either a substitute or a plastic one....

did you know egg beaters is low grade eggs all the eggs that dont make the grade end up as liquid eggs.

still the important thing is that they are pretty much "yolk-less" and therefor low in cholesterol.