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New Contest Rules Answered

The Clocks Challenge has a new, very long list of rules.  Most are standard, but  I am wondering is a staff person could clarify the following:

The fourth bullet point of Section B.4 states: Entries must not have been entered in more than two other previous contests of Sponsor;

Since Section A.1 defines the "Sponsor" as Instructables, Inc. does that mean that there is a limit to how many contests a member can enter?  If so, would that rule only pertain to some contests? 


Oh wait, so this is just limiting the number of contests a single project can be entered into, right? And are weekly challenges excluded from this restriction?

Will there be additional moderators now to ensure that the new terms (this and others) are being followed?

You've read it correctly, as BrittLiv pointed out: you can only enter one single I'ble into a maximum of three contests. We really were getting a lot of absurd entries -- it seems like some people were just checking off every contest to enter, without pulling their heads far enough out of their ... er, hoodie ... to read the contest rules.

By implementing this limit in software (as Vishalapar discovered), I'bles doesn't have to use extra moderators to deal with this, and the contest admins will, perhaps, have fewer "ineligible" entries to deal with in the first place.

I think that you can only enter a maximum of 3 contests per entry, because when I tried to enter it in 4 an error message showed up saying that you can only enter it in 3 contests, and I am pretty sure that the weekly contests are separate!

Rachel wrote about it here: https://www.instructables.com/community/Site-messages-and-other-changes/

"We've reluctantly implemented a 3-contest limit when you publish a new Instructable. We just had too many cases where someone, for example, entered their Arduino Instructable into, say, the cupcake contest. It became a real load on the contest managers to keep removing ineligible Instructables. We hope that a 3-contest limit will help authors select the appropriate contest(s) to enter."