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New DIY Instructables contest: Going Green Answered

Well, over the past week I was thinking about the environment... and now I'm watching that "6 degrees can changed the world" on NATGEO and it's scary...So I was thinking, why not a new contest? The GO GREEN!! Contest. The challenge would be to make DIY stuff that has to do with using less energy and making the planet better. An example of an entry wcould be a solar oven . What do you think? P.s. Have a waffle ;)


There's already been a Go Green Contest, but I agree that there should be another one, I love to see all the great ideas people come up with.

P.S. Waffles rule.

Me never knew _. Let me go find it...

I think we should have another one then. It won't hurt, right?

Well, I'm not sure if Instructables would repeat another contest.. Try asking Eric, but probably not now-- there's 5 contests right now! FIVE!!!

6 is better LED contest is practically over I can't yoyo worth crap I'm not into the wholemake valentines day thing (girls around where I live don't apreciate hard work) when the yarn thing was up I couldn't figure out anything with yarn I don't have any tool tips, lol

here a tool tip you can use, just mention i helped: dont put your fingers near hot or spinning objects. inevitably, disaster ensues.

I sometimes use my dremel sanding head to sand off super glue stuck to my skin... In 6th grade (before I was good at soldering, back in a day when a kid would think electronics are imposible to learn) I tried to get more accuracy when soldering a switch (back then a switch leads seam realy really close) and I started to grip the iron like a pencil (dummingly towards the tip) and I burned myself. Owy

see? nothing good comes out of fingers near hot or spinning things.

Same here.
LED contest ends at 11:59 Pacific Time tonight. (P.M.) Only have 1 Instructable, I know I won't win though..
Valintines Day contest.. have about 2 things in there. I'm pretty sure I won't win either, there's a lot of good ones.
Yarn thing I just have 2. Not good enough to win. I forgot to do the Robot's black lines in the legs too.
Tool Tips.. I think I have some, but not really.
Yoyo, might post one up soon.

Yeah, I actually would like to have another one.
It will still be 5 contests after the LED one is over!

lets see: led contest- goofed making the circuit. coudnt fix it in time valentines day- probably wont win. working on an entry though yarn- i cant even nit yoyo- see yarn tool tips- now theres something i could win at.

It's worth repeating if you ask me. I'd enter it, it probably be the 1st instruct able i'll make...and 1st time entering it into a contest. If it happens again, I'd be sure to enter it.

Maybe (as somebody else suggested) make it a specifically solar-power based contest? Or renewable-energy in general?

LOL, you'll have to make a grander-scale one, that actually does something useful (like charging batteries), because you've already posted two that just flash LEDs.

I've just been out to clear my lawn. Again. Could you make a whole fence with windbelts? It could power a fiendish device to deal with the cats that crap in my garden.

Or how about transportation-based?

Would somebody give me the link to the contest/group for the previous going green contest? I'd LOVE to see the entry's and winner =]!

I'd love contests of any kind that encourage helping the environment.

I'm sad I missed out on it when we had it. I've still got projects for it. :P

The Go Green contest a few months ago was great! But they have to add some variation to the contests. Maybe in a few months something similar will be up.