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New Desk Design Answered

I am currently design a desk for myself and I am wondering about some ideas, maybe some of u can contribute. The image of my current design is in the pdf. The 2 white spaces on the right are draws. I have made space for cable management. It is currently 1500x750x150cm

The desk will float at between 800 and 760cm above the ground.
thanks kirk


Distance between the bottom of the desk where your legs go and the top where you will be using the keyboard seems pretty big. Fine for light surfing etc.. Not so good for long sessions.

Good information here.
If possible, designing the desk around your body is best.

How about lifting the whole desk up a few inches,and swapping the computer and the keyboard around? The computer under the monitor would also rise it up enough to be in a better position.

Thanks for the insight, I plan around the information that the site provided.


7 years ago

I am busy designing a leg for the one side, almost looks like the desk. the leg will have draws in it or make it wide enough to place a PC

Legs might help?