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New EDC knife? Answered

Hi, recently I have been looking into getting a new EDC knife. I have a few cheap ones however they ain't holding up. These are the specs I'm looking for:

Blade length: no more than 3.5 inchess
Grind: flat ground
no serrations
and under 150 bucks.

Here are a few i found give your thought any other suggestions are welcome.





5 years ago

it really depends on what your are going to do with it. currently in my pocket is a 1963-64 schrade 293 trapper style folder Ive been carrying off and on for about 18 months, but is just one of many i carry (i have a collection of 75+ knives) it is great for basic use like opening boxes, bags, loosening screws if your careful. its just an all around good knife for me. i am in no way indorsing this knife to you it just really takes research. i don't recommended buying one online though. go to a store and hold every knife they have until you find one you like and feels good in your hand. you may have to hold dozens before you find one but it will be worth it, and don't search forever for one that looks great. looking great don't matter to a hill of beans if its poor quality. just my two cents on the subject. remember a good knife should be something your proud to own.


5 years ago

I don't think there's a perfect everyday kn!fe that works for everyone. To make the right choice, you need to got to an actual store and get a feel for them. Their size and weight, and how they feel in your hand is something you can't get a sense for in a picture; and what you may choose isn't necessarily going to be the same choice that others make.