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New Email form Answered

What is with the new E-mail form i get when I want to send something to someone? I can't get it to work with the computer at the library.  Why change?  It was so easy to use.  I'm not happy with what is happening to this site. All the new and improved things take longer and navigating is harder too.


@ Steve - click the word "email" beside the opening text.

@ rookie1 - rather than the form being a problem, it could be the library's filters.

Having said that, there has been a recent under-the-hood upgrade, so maybe that's the reason.

I'll move this to "bugs" so that Rachel spots it.

I'm missing this ! Where is the word email ?


No, it's a new form with the email up on the top line to the far right, the other kind shown here is fine. I came up with the new form on the first four sites I clicked on. The next day I came up on it again, then the normal one. The new form wants me to start an acct to email and My library won't allow it. Too bad, I would have liked to email them to myself for later viewing, as I only have 1 hr on the computer. Thanks for looking into this.


See Kelseym's answer.

How is this secure ? It looks like a spammers dream.

A question for Rachel, perhaps? I have never used it myself.

It's not a form at all. It uses the standard (for twenty years) "mailto:" URL to simply launch whatever e-mail program you are using on your machine. This is exactly the same as when you right-click and do "send link to" or "send page to".

It doesn't work on the computers at your library because you aren't logged into those computers with a personal account. The library has disabled outgoing e-mail.

The new interface is better in several ways -- the mail shows up at the destination as actually coming from you, not from Instructables, so it's less likely to be spam filtered (unless, of course, you're a spammer :-). It also doesn't require the I'bles servers to deal with querying you for an e-mail address, etc., and all of the associated privacy and security concerns.

It looks like they haven't yet migrated forum topics or Answers to this new interface.