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New Epilog Challenge Coming Soon Answered

Coming soon, very soon, is another Epilog Challenge! That's right, we'll be giving away a Zing laser cutter to the most awesome Instructable entered.



7 years ago

Hmmmmmm. I'm so very, very tempted. Again. It takes SO much time to come up with something totally hilarious...

Will there be a theme?

It just ended, it is in voting phase now. However, the Makerbot contest is open!

Okay...lol I guess I need to find out about Makerbot

I seem able to do "teachable" but awesome seems to avoid me somehow.....

~tooless and toothless.... 

Like you my ible (just one) is definitely not awesome. My lack of tech ability i believe inhibits me but I can only keep trying, my second is in the works now. You have done some excellent Ibles. I wonder what awsome is, can you bottle it? I soooo want a Zing laser cutter.

I have good tech skills and background, but a lack of decent tools to do the mechanics, and definitely lacking in good soldering tools (for small, close, and smt soldering; all I have is a $10 soldering pen, and a few tips). I could really use the laser cutter, so we shall see.....but I have my doubts.....most of my "awesome" ibles, are instructional and don't involve building anything (I have heard that my Cavy ible is one of the best liked ones, as well as the ASL one; in either did I have to put anything together).

I imagine all the members out there salivating over a chance to win a laser cutter and all the creative brain power working on their next Instructable. Good luck to you all.

Well, I seem to have lost what I had 30 years ago....because I made some really neat "electronic devices" back then.....my eyesight has gone a bit though...

Well you may have lost what you had 30 years ago (havn't we all) but you obviously have 30 years more life experience (havn't we all) LOL.
The secret is to keep on working at it, that's more important than the end result. Bye.

Well, the hands aren't as steady as they once were, and the eyes don't see as well. I'd make a better theoretcial physicist then I do a builder anymore.

Well, dream up a killer idea and maybe you can partner up with someone who's got the steady hands required to make it a reality!

I have a few ideas....finding the time, and sometimes the motivation (fear of just ending up with a junky looking project again) gets in the way many times.

Well, if you want some help just let me know. At the very least I could make suggestions on which project to do, and what (if anything) could be changed to make it better.

Thanks, I appreciate that.

Well, like I said in my entry into the Work Space contest; I have tools to use, but most of them are dull, old, or both, and I haven't the money to fix them nor buy new. I have a router that literally "burns" wood rather then cut through it (I was thinking of modding a frame into a special shadow box for the "signed" t-shirt I was given, which I want to preserve for as long as I can), same with the circular saw I have, it'll cut by friction and leave burn marks on both pieces and sets off the smoke alarm LOL

You could try cleaning the router bits and saw blade, sometimes they get gunned up with sap and stuff. Another cause of the router burning the wood is a slow feed rate. Either push the wood/router faster, or turn down the speed.

Pushing the router harder (to make it go faster, increases the smoke output :-)

Both are nearly as old as I am (both being incased in completely metal cases). For the router I probably need better bits, and for the circular saw, it probably needs a new (sharper) blade.

Router bits are expensive :-)

Well, I was just hoping for an inexpensive solution. Yeah, router bits really are oddly expensive, aren't they?

yeah I know, I appreciate the effort, too. In order to help out my father in law, I bought his circular saw from him for very close to 3/4 of new price (he was going to be residing in a home, and every little bit helps). The router I picked up at an auction, it wasn't cheap either, but it was still a better "price" (at the time) then brand new. Oh well, live and learn as they say. :-)


7 years ago

With all the awesome instructables out there, I guess I'm going to have to dust off the cold fusion perpetual motion machine I've been using for a foot stool in order to have a chance of winning this cool Zing machine.

I'd vote for that. But you'd better prove it works, by powering an entire auditorium filled with nuclear power plant employees.

That Zing is so mine! I was flattered to be a finalist last time, but this time I'm going all the way to the top, mwahaha.

Confident are we? You must have something very impressive in the works... :)


7 years ago



7 years ago

I've only just come down from the last one! What are you trying to do to us?!

Umm, keep you making cool stuff? Loved the clock, btw.


7 years ago

Holy guacamole! That's just unbelievable...

I'm just floored it's happening so soon. I foresee many late nights in my garage. :)

Yes, it's happening very soon indeed.

*checks watch*

Even sooner than you think.

You're a tease. Well, if the contest is starting up this week (today?) hopefully it'll run long enough to get some real killer entries! I'm sure there are lots of people out there who didn't quite finish in time for the contest in December, but will have a completed project this time around...

WOOHOO!! Maybe I'll have time to make something this time around : ).. Pretty please make the deadline after March??

Hmm.  I have an idea, hopefully the contest will be long enough for me to have time to make and write an instructable.

Tell us when! Please :)


7 years ago

Cripes, really?


Another one? Already?


You know, I have an actual idea, I just need t-i-m-e

good, i missed the last 2 :)

Our wonderful, waiting