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New Flash uploader... WIN Answered

Well, im sure you have all noticed some new changes to the website.. layout changes and what not. But i just found something magical The flash uploader... The main thing i like about this, is being able to add multiple files to an upload list! instead of doing them one by one. So, just to say Thank you instructables, you have made my week!


The word from the picture are very familiar indeed...

Heck yah!! For the Safari users, this is a mega woot woot....

>_< It is not by choice I use Safari...

Indeed. Will make uploading quicker!

The use of "indeed" at the beginning of a statement.

OMG thats where i must of picked it up from also!!! so really, we both stole it off Teal'c!

I concur...
Teal'c is awesome, we shall both use it equally in homage to Teal'c

It was a just a comment on your paraphrasing or quoting tag lines from sci-fi series. It was just fitting to use Mr. Spock and Captain Picard's lines. Unless you are not a true Trekkie and do not understand the context, then you might have to turn in your geek-cred id card :-)

The good ones have the embedded RFID chip. It allows more than one to beam up...

By good is scotty running the transporter?

Aye, a word which Rocket also uses, which prompted this whole moebius strip of events...

And less... Boring Och well that's what the chatroom is for...

I can already load up a bunch at once with a Firefox add-on. (I forget which one, but it used to be linked to from the ible instructions).

No problem - one of the most handy Firefox add-ons, IMHO.

I didn't realize that I needed that to do multiple uploads, I think this flash version is the third redesign they've gone through since I downloaded it. I mostly like that you can better see the progress...as cool as the little spinny thing is, it's very frustrating to stare at with no feedback as to the progress of the 20 pictures that you are trying to upload.

Indeed, but some of us choose to use a more stable and faster browser.. Plus the flash uploaded should do the job better.

Oh, very neat! I might actually post that instructable I've had sitting on my camera for ages now. :P

haha! get to it - im gonna hold you to it now!

This is almost as cool as the time that I realized that the Internet existed.

I remember a time before the internet...

You mean before computer times?

Yay! Now that could help me speed up the production of my instructables!

Huh?? I'm lost. You couldn't multi upload before? I have been able to multiple file upload for moths and months now via opera.

*points out that I said this yesterday in the chatrom and nobody even cared*

Is ok this just showes you notice stuff faster then others.

I've been waiting for this for so long. Thank you!

Coolzo ! I already had a script for this on Firefox though :P