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New Fully Automatic system Answered

for the past 2 days I've been working on a new fully automatic mechanism, and heres how it works. This new system uses a 'Rack and pinion' which starts off with the pinion pulling back the firing pin until it has no more teeth to grip to the firing pin with so it lets go and the firing pin goes flying forward shooting the bullet. after this the firing pin is returned back to its original position it is ready to be pulled again, this all takes around 2 seconds. Range: around 15ft(Blue rod) Firing rate: every 2 sec remember this gun is only a prototype so suggestions are welcome (needs a hopper), and remember that this gun only uses a weak motor so if you were to use a motor like the one a on oodalumps machine gun and with that you could possible double the range and firing rate! Enjoy:)



about the motor, it wont double the range because it just pulls the mechanism back faster BUT you could double the rubberbands and then it ould help by shooting faster WARNING if you get the silver or blue motors they will click under the load and will not work!!!

The blue (or black) motor will ABSOLUTELY NOT click. They are INSANELY powerful, but INSANELY slow. They have 20 rpm.

Knex Motor.jpg

They aren't special, but the silver version of this motor (Looks EXACTLY the same, but colored silver) are pretty fast, but so weak. It can barely drive a K'NEX CAR!!!

This is the same as this design by bakenbitz.

execpt this design was posted 2 months earleir than his

This design is used in airsoft AEG, it's not that new

So bakenbitz didn't invent this idea...

or move the pinion back somehow and add another piece on the pinion (black /white snowflake) so the rack gets pulled back further, hence a longer range.

do i really need all of the spacers or could i just leave them out. If i cant can you put how many that i need.

really it shoot 15 feet. That surprises me with you just useing the motor

I am working on a full auto gatling knex gun that uses a firing mechanism like this but with multiple barrels and a hopper, my hope: have the first fully automatic knex gatling gun able to shoot as many rounds as you put in the hopper.

great idea i would like to use this in the Knex browning .50 cal i am working on

yeah sure you can, just mension somewhere that you got the idea from me.


10 years ago

this is totally awsome! but not new... please get right on instructions

I know that the general idea for a rack and pinion system isn't new because faust has done a design similar to this before, but his used a different system to release the firing pin which was a lot more complicated than this one :p so it isn't completely new but still it has a new style of pinion which greatly improves it

I can't post it quite yet because ive had my knex taken off me :( so ill post it as soon is i get it back

just for braggin rights i counted how many motors i have: 4normal slow ones,2wind-up,1super fast,1cyberknex motor just thought id mention that the super fast one has barely any tourque

i have a 4 double a motor