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New Fully-Autos Answered

Is it possibel to make a full-auto knex gun. yes it is but can anyone make a powerful one that uses a clip? That is my chalange.


Simple answer- Plausible Complex- Knex are pieces of plastic. Real full auto weapons generally use the expanding gas in some way to recock the gun and thus starting a cycle of shooting and recocking. Without the great force from gases it's hard to make a full auto. Trying to makea new form such as the rack and pinion just makes it really hard to get decent power. You'd need a super powered motor but then again this isn't knex. Althoug the clip part wouldn't be a problem at all. I wish I could try but I dislike full autos.

We need sime new lnex technologie

i'm making one right now, i will hopefully post the gun by end of august

I had an idea although it would probably need a non knex motor. Simply make a spinner like where a wheel spins against another wheel really fast. Then when you stick something in between them it get's shot through the wheels. Then the trigger could just unblock the ammo from getting fed.

i got a new full auto idea, ill post forum and then show you.

have you been watching mythbusters? :-P

Well there's your problem! Yeah, it's confirmed.

I think there are fully auto bb guns that are small and maybe you can get that mechanism ( i think its a gear that pulls back the firing pin and Extreme Builder has a fully auto bb gun that has that mechanism

I've got a new idea I am going to try and incorporate into my modular assault rifle. It uses a motor and chain to pull back the pin.

oodalumps already did

yes, i could easily do that.

i won't because it would stink. you said you wanted power, you never said anything about ROF. i will gear the thing for lots of torque so i can load rubberbands on to it. it would only fire around 1 shot every 15-30 seconds.

Working on one right now :-p

I wanted to do this, then realized I hadn't enough knex, and I have too many things I'm working on, Ill have a go at some point =D