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New Gearturbine - Retrodynamic / Submission Answered

I inform about the new Gearturbine, power by barr, with retrodynamic dextrogiro vs levogiro fenomena-effect, an non parasitic looses system, and over-unit engine. To see details please visit:


This is spam. If I read through the babelfish translation properly, he's claiming better than 100% efficiency for a turbine which (according to his animation) doesn't actually connect input and output. Flagged, and so are his "instructables".

Mr. Kiteman. And you know what, is not that simple (your coment)

What is so much better then? What efficiency are you claiming. and why don't the input and output of your turbine connect?

Ok the efficiency is ?, sorry I dont have the answer as you wish. But I know as a degigner is very high (true blue) have the retrodynamic effect, and non parasitic looses, etc... The question than you make is what I look for, and show my projects in a place like here. And when I (and all) know the asnwer, you are gone to know by the international news. And you take the power by a barr, so is for; air, sea, land & generation, so you can conect what you whant.

If you don't know how efficient your turbine is, you cannot honestly state that your turbine is better than internal combustion engines. Try working it out - how fast is fuel consumed? What is the power output? You must have that data to be credible.

Is because my concepts coming from 0,0. You don see a device like I show, before. Ok I don´t know how efficient can be. But I know is can be a very much high than you spect, with the retrodynamic effect, non parasitic looses, etc... Technologycal stuff that not body can say before me. And dont say like, if I answer the questions honest and straight, is not like if we never ever gone to know the answers of the cuestion you make (later). Because if I dont tell you here now, is not like, we are gone to not have a tomorrow. If you want tell me than my efficient porcents% are low as you want to wish. but is not realy.

Sorry, we must be losing lots in translation. Maybe we should leave it until your translations are better?

Yes a lot, and I never think about that point.

And is an internal (turbine) combustion engine to, but retrodynamic.

It would only be spam it the dude was selling something or otherwise attempting to profit from this. How would that happen? L

My circumnstances are diferent than a company can have, I spend a lot of time with this projects, so I think the worst thing can hapen is than nothing hapen, thats why I show to many information. To breake a paradigm.

The old and weak deficient piston motor engine.

Well Mr. Kiteman, dont be freak, is only a lil´peper at the soup, but the bet is realy high, from a simple mechanics, as you can see. Can you tell me were low I can be? and you know what, is not a Spam. I have a patent number to make the change.

Interesting idea, by the sound of it.. But it would great if you could put up clearer explaination, high-res images.. I find it hard to understand half the things you are trying to explain..

And the funy of that, is what you see is the best I can do. Yes I know than I need to present my projects with a matematic numbers, but my plataform is design for now. And is Ok for me, but what I need what is Ok for the other people. And my englihs gramatic, well what can I say, I dont whant to talk about for shame. Thanks for your coment. and for your fine courtesy.

You're welcome.. It's just that people might be able to give you better suggestion and help if they can at least see things clearly. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to first prove it mathematically or come up with a working prototype.. Cheers

Well, I don't understand this, but have you researcged turbine design? (Some of the turbine pictures look a bit unrefined) L

Yes I am, with a new dynamic flow turbine concept type. Gearturbine(Retrodynamic); turn-move vs turn-move. Well this is the: #1 project, the Gearturbine, the #2 project, the Imploturbocomnpressor is diferent is; (in-compression-out) Please see details at: www.geocities.com/gearturbine

. I don't understand it. While your English is much better than my Spanish, it is still impossible (for me) to read.

Sorry about Mr. NachoMahma, yes I know my english is terrible. But I still have 40 graphics, and one animation to see. Thanks for your valuable attention.