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Hey i have a couple ideas to enter in the epilog laser contest If you have any post em and get them reviewed. One idea i have is a Laser Pistol! its an old technique of stimulating photons. If it is run under the best conditions it can be up to 1,000,000 Watts at 1 ms bursts, post your new ideas


its pretty good i have all the parts just neeed to align the mirrors and it good to go

Have you got it emitting properly with the camera flash pump? I'm very interested to see how well it ends up working.

Ah... so you want us to post our ideas on here to be reviewed by you. No thanks, I think I'll keep my project and the credit for it.

LOL i was just making small talk about the projects, and i wanted to give a sneak peek as to what i will be entering, unfortunatly i do not have the time to finsh it by the deadline. anyway i'll get it in next year

co2 lasers can be built cheap.

Does anyone know about how much a Zing Laser Cuttuer costs on average?

The 45W epilog helix cost 20 000$ I don't know about thw zing laser.I would guest 8000$.

Yes. It will have to be a green laser, because that fits in with the theme of the contest.

i think he meant the actual "laser beam" should be the color green, but thats just a guess


9 years ago

Out of curiosity, where are you planning to get a laser that can handle 1,000,000 watts for any period of time?

the laser is not a diode, its a custom built laser using a syntheitic erbuim rod thaqt converts light into coherent light

OK, where are you going to get a custom built 1MW erbium laser built that will fit in a hand-held device? (Assuming that's what you mean by "pistol", anyway). What are you planning to use as a pump?

the pump will be a camera flash unit, the rod is 3mm X 50mm and i built the holder by hand to minimize size,i plan to fit it into 2 altiods tins the rod is not rated for by power consumpumpustion it is rated in lumens, doing the math it comes out to 1mw

OK... not quite the same as 1,000,000 watts, but otherwise it sounds like this is a real plan not just pie-in-the-sky, so I'll wait for the finished thing before passing judgement.

yea running at its best its 1MW, anyway i just finshed the pump and now i'm on to the holding device

Well, enough talk, more action! Let me see the completed laser pistol man! :-P

lol i just finshedf the laser pump the next of the parts are coming in the mail.

I will keep my ides a secret! Buhuhuhahahahhaha **cough** *cough* !