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New Instructable is not to be found Answered

I posted a new instructable ("Modernize a vintage heater") three days ago, and it has never shown up under the "recent" catagory, and is not found when I do a search.  I can pull it up, but no one else will know it is there.  ?????


Problem has been solved -- the "lost" has been found! Thank you Instructables staff for your help!

Guess if it doesn't show up by day #5 I'll just delete it. Will be a shame, though -- I had put a lot of work in it.

Don't delete it, PM or email the staff.

Any idea how to email the staff? I've looked at the contacts tab at the bottom of the screen, but all it points to is this forum.

With all the business of Makerfaire right now, everyones a little short of time...I went ahead and cleared this one out of the pipes though. I published it right now so it'll show up in the recent feed. Sorry for the wait!

Thanks for your help! Thought it was a gone'er........ :-0

haha...no worries! I'm sorry it got stuck in the filters for so long.

I see Stumpchunkman has sorted you out, but for future reference the email is at the bottom-right of the page. The "Service@" address is checked pretty continuously when people are awake in California.

Thanks Kiteman for your help. I sent an email to the @address and they fixed it very promptly.

Forgot to mention, just try waiting a day or two. It usually shows up, I just published another on a couple seconds ago. Guaranteed it won't show up right away, but give the system a day or 2 to process and it will be there

maybe i spoke too soon, I tried a search for it and couldn't find it either. I could get from your page of course, but not in the search box. odd

Depending on the exact nature of the published project (or forum topic), they sometimes get caught up in the automatic filters.

The filters are cleaned by human beings, so it sometimes takes a few hours to clear (remember, the site works to California time), and can take longer at weekends.