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New Instructable not showing up in "recent" Answered

I've been publishing Instructables both for myself and Gadget Gangster for a while now and I've never seen an Instructable that didn't appear in the "recent" section when published?   Have I discovered a bug, angered the gods, or just published too many in a short period of time?  (I have created three in the last 2 months.)  Thanks  -Jeff-



It got featured! Well done. Must have just taken the servers a few minutes to cough it out.

There's no such thing as "post too often" (I know somebody whi pidted more rhan one project a day for two months!). All you've done is accidentally trigger the automatic filters somehow (no one truly knows the dark secrets of the filter bots).

Give it a day or two, maybe as little as a few minutes, and a human will release it from the filters.

In the mean time, though, feel free to post the URL on other websites, email it to your friends etc.


Did ya lose the home row? :P ...somebody whi pidted more rhan... 

The curse of a iPod keyboard! The blasted thing corrects simple errors,, and then flat ignores horrible messes.

lol... I hate auto-correct. They don't like neighbour, they'll capitalize mid-sentence after an abbreviation like U.S. but they get dumb on everything else...