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New Instructables Answered

Hey y'all. I'm announcing my newest instructables. First, I'm posting a Gatling gun. Next I am posting my very first semi-automatic rifle based off of the M107 (pic below). It gets a range of only 15 feet but some of you geniuses can figure out how to make it better. Finally, I'm building the Brickster V2 SLDS. It will be about 2x longer and the bow will have only 2 strings. Expect the Gatling gun within a week and the others to follow within a month.



9 years ago

Ooooo, neat. What size gatling gun? how many barrels?

Hey hey hey, slow down. Lol. It has 16 barrels and its medium sized. I think I'll post it now. Look for it tomorrow.

Yea I know. You just kinda shot them at me. Get it, shot them. Lol, I'm so funny and I really need to get a life.