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Instructables Build Nights! Answered

Instructables is pleased to present the first in a new series of Thursday Build Nights here at our San Francisco HQ!

These are small-group sessions focused on specific projects - you MUST RSVP to attend, as we can only handle a certain number of participants. Registrations will be handled on a first-come basis. We're starting with a bit of craft/tech crossover, and plan to run sessions on a variety of topics.

October 2: Intro to Chain Mail with Spider
October 23: Halloween open build night.

See the descriptions below for details, including things to bring and/or materials fees. To sign up for one of the sessions, simply private message Christy with your name, email, and phone number. We hope to see you there!

October 2: Beginning Chainmail with Spider
Limit: 10 participants (confirmed RSVP required)
Materials Fee: $10
Start Time: 7pm

Project is a European 4-in-1 chainmail bracelet. I'll teach 4-in-1 because it's the most widely useful chainmail weave. Students can use this same weave to make jewelry, armor, sculpture, lampshades, iPod cozies, etc... The materials fee is $10, which covers copper jump rings and clasp, plus the loan of appropriate pliers. I'll bring other goodies for people to look at, and I'm happy to answer any and all chainmail-ish questions.

Additional kits and tools will be available for purchase after class.

October 23: Halloween Costume & Decoration Open Build Night
Limit: none, but please RSVP
Materials: Bring your own!
Time: 6pm-9pm

We'll be working on our Halloween costumes and decorations -- bring your work-in-progress along and join the fun! We've got plenty of floor/table space, a couple of sewing machines and other useful tools, and enough skill and imagination to share. It's always easier to get excited about your project when you're working with a group.

Please RSVP so we know how much snack food to acquire, and how much of the office to clean up. We'll kick you out at 9pm, or when the last Instructables staff member has to head home.


Something like this should be done in Florida. Why must the Instructables HQ be on the other side of the country!?!?!?!?

The heat and humidity does not agree with the delicate circuitry of the Instructables Robot.

How about the shade and comfort of Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is not better than Florida this time of year. You can't fool us. Most of us here are from the north east.

What if we built an air conditioned "clean room" just for this :-)

Awh c'mon, we could meet up after a Little League World Series game! I don't live to far from Williamsport! Could also do some Ice block sledding in our free time!

Or, we can go fishing, scubadiving, and surfing in our free time! And to randofo, I have a room the Instructables robot can stay in. What does he like to eat? I need to stock up. Does his charging unit require any special adapters that I need to make or purchase?

Well California doesn't agree with the robot. Its too hot and a coconut could make a dent in the robot at any time.

It's cold here and the hippies stole all of the palm trees a long time ago. We only have big old redwoods left. They're too heavy to load onto a VW camper van.

Lol, well the big redwood trees could crash into the robot and make him a pile of scrap metal. Also if the robot visited the coast line, he would get rusted.

Only 2 days? Will there be more in the future?

Many more. We are in the planning stages right now and will be sure to let everyone know.

Hmm, okay. I'm not going to attend either of these, because the heart one is this Thursday, and we're obviously not going to go to San Francisco just for that, and I can't go to the one on September 4th because of school.... There better be a hair pulling contest. I'm sure you'll win.

Hmm, I don't have much left, so if the contest involves how fast we can get it all pulled out, I could easily win LOL

I'll be interested in seeing the future schedule. I'll be especially lucky if I can fit the trip into a business trip! Can you check all the leading software conference schedules and align with them? (heehee)

well you're all moaning for no reason you're all a whole heap closer to h.q. then me as I live in Great Britain so the chances of ever getting to a build night are slim real slim. so stop you're bleating and get over there (places available)

nooooo!!! i live on the complete opposite of the country. =(

I know how you feel....so do I....only 3 hours from the coast of the EAST coast. *sigh*

Not to brag, but I'm only about 45 minutes away from HQ! Hopefully I can take home my own mouse mouse in about a week!

Grrr... I really wish I lived on the west coast, I'd be at everyone of these things... Well, I'm in Arizona now... Maybe...

oh god dammit, bloody san fransisco with all it awesomeness and instructables hq's and build night.

I'm not going to lie about it. I have the 4-8th of September off to go see family. And I fantasized briefly about coming to Build Night instead. But then I remembered that both my mom and sister are bigger than me and they mean business. :(

Two things.... 1.. I'm not here anymore! I know you miss me, but.... 2.. It's Gordonson ;) You just just refer to me as muffin... I think it's easier. **sigh.... I really wish I could have been there for that**