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New Instructables Contest Page Format, Unfair? Answered

I saw, (And hope you have to), the new format for the contest pages. When I say contest pages I mean the Tooltips contest, Share the Love Contest, Anti-yo contest, and any other to come. I dislike the new format for the pages because I feel it gives a few of the instructables members an unfair advantage over everyone else. On the old pages, everyones instructables were listed on one page, but on the new ones, the most popular are the only ones shown on the front page of the contest. And it's so hard to find the "View All" button, that not many people will likely search through the rest of the insturctables. I just think that having a couple of the lead I'bles on the front page will keep them on top and not give everyone a fair advantage by having them on the same page regardless of popularity. I hope someone else feels this way. Thanks Gunk On Floor


Actually, you're just looking at the new groups main page. We have built a new back end to handle contests, rather than just using our groups. We haven't launched a contest with the new contest format, which is similar to groups, but we have already anticipated your concerns. Instead of Most Viewed at the top of the page, you will see Most Recent. This was to give everyone a fair shot on the main contest page. We also have some new formatting for the 'view all' so it won't be so hard to see.

Ok, I see how it's a group now, but it still allows people to rate it from there. I'm just saying that the "Most Viewed" part is a little unfair in the fact that it's in the very middle of the page displaying the 5 most viewed instructables as lthe largest pics on the page. And if they stay on top where they are the first to be seen, they will most likely be the winners in views and/or ratings. I prefered the format that you had just not to long ago where all the instructables where on the same page. I think that way is a little more fair. Thanks for letting me voice my opinion.

I Love the new page! With the recents in the middle they will get equal oppurtunity, while still showing the top competitors lower on the page in all their fame and glory. I like it alot. =D


I thought they were going to be displayed in a random order that would change with each view?

yeah I also don't like the most views gets the prize, or highest rating. I think one group of people (such as the ppl at instructables) grade the instructables, therefore it's a bit more fair. plus if you make one really early in the contest, it won't matter then, unlike now how you could have more time for votes and views.

The bigger contests are judged by a panel of (usually) Instructables staff and people from any sponsoring companies.

When it's a speed contest, getting projects in early to get more views/ratings is the whole point (and if you're really fast you can get several entries in and increase your chances of winning the random prizes).

The new format lets you quickly see who is "in the lead" for a speed contest, but doesn't particularly bias things on a judged contest. Maybe you'd be happier if there were more (smaller) thumbnails on the first view?

Is it odd how 4 out of 5 of the most viewed also have the highest ratings? Because they gained more views in the begining, they were put on top where they will continue to stay because they are always the first viewed. I think that everyones i'bles should be on one page where they all have equal space, and you can choose what order you want them in instead of having them forced that way. When you tell someone that something is the best, they will believe you and most likely not consider other choices. That's how I feel the "Most Viewed" section is being interpreted.

Yeah, because if they're posted earlier, they'll get more views and ratings and stuff.... like let's say I had a HUGE Instructable and it gets posted on the last day... I most likely wouldn't win the ratings or views.

But they do have the voting days.

But still, I like what they did with the contest before the LED one... I forgot which one. It was being graded by the judges.

Oh yeah, the Homemade Holidays! That was it.



10 years ago

I agree with Gunk on Floor!