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New Instructables Navigational Bar (UPDATE) Answered

I guess I noticed it first, b/c when something changes or is altered someone Forum Topicifies it.


The New Navigational Bar (The Yellowish bar in between the deep Orange, and the White page background), When you roll over one of the menus (Home, You v, Explore v, Community v, and Submit v) Whichever menu you roll over, exposes a drop-down menu.

Just a little heads up.

I just noticed this too, Look where the search box is, down with the rest of the navigation bar!
I like where it sits now!


Here's something else new. Revised search results screen. I don't think it was tiled before like this.


Yeah, It was tiled... Perhaps you don't search for much too often! :D

Aw!! I don't like where the search bar is now!


10 years ago

You really do need to read other forums. =P

did ye no see rachel's comment!? xD

LOL I didn't know that you made one too. Here's mine: Shiny (personally, I think my pics are better ;) )

Yeah, They are cleaner But Mine are straight off the page.

True, but I don't feel like advertising Mythbusters if they're not paying me ;)

Darn, I bet a lot of people find it easer to use, but I find it harder to use... (sigh)

That's a very minor tweak - I wonder why they did it?

The old menus were a bit bulky, this way you only have to move your mouse straight down to select where you'd like to go, rather than down and across.

Sometimes, when people click, they accidentally move the cursor, thus clicking on something else. Maybe that's why? While its almost never happened to me here, Its happened numerous times on other sites. While it doesn't look as nice as before, I guess its more comfortable.

Not sure.. Perhaps it has a shorter programming code?

Yeh, maybe it's the tip of a stream-lining iceberg.

Ibles of the future?

What? A changed site...?


I was talking about this in the chatroom just now...

Gasp!!! It doesn't say the Worlds biggest show and tell anymore!!!

It sez: Make How To and DIY!!!

Now I wont be able to show or tell!!

I believe that that's how it used to be, before one of the more major changes. Instructables used to look completely different, even from when I first found it a year and a half ago. It would be nice to see a log of the changes, since they've been so gradual it's sometimes hard to notice.

I noticed this yesterday, right after these went away:

Picture 17.pngPicture 19.png

Was that photoshopped? you can't pop up 2 menus at a time...

No, If it was photoshopped, I would have used Adobe Photoshop, I only used Paint. The picture is an Image Mosaic or Physically Manipulated, meaning Its two different screenshots, threaded together to form one. :D

Said image was digitally altered.

Darn you beat me to it!