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New Instructables Release - Replies in Private Messages, Faster Community Section, and More Answered

We made a few updates to Instructables last night, including: - When replying to a private message, include the contents of the previous message, just like an email reply - Re-work performance of top level browsing in the community section to make it faster - A few admin and server maintenance improvements - Some Javascript changes to improve page load time Let us know if you find anything awry and how the new features are working out for you.


A lot of people talked bout this:

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I have a quick question. Is the topic, "Resources Forum Category Rules" in the right place?

I think so. It's a sticky forum topic, so will always sit at the top of the heap.

But should it be in every section, its the only rules topic in all of them...

It's only in the Resources Forum Category.

The only time I had troubles with load times was from work (on a computer that is so outdated it doesn't belong on the web anymore-makes sense right ? A slow computer on a fiberoptic network LOL ). But not having to remember to copy/paste and add Original Message: when replying in PM is a definite plus

Also quoting is easier... I prefer it not to be there in informal messaging but makes reply writing ten times easier for any long messages...

Well, personally I have had many a message replied back to me and I wondered what the heck the person was referring to :-) The stretch of a day or so between message and answer can cause this. I know that a lot of the forums include an "option" to "quote" or at least create a quoted box for this purpose.

Yeah, some of our conversations would definitely make more sense if I'd read the above comment instead of just your reply, I usually would though sometimes...

Well, I mean as far as the PM's are concerned.....it is always nice if I send one and get a reply in "a day or so" to have "something" to indicate what is being replied to (since at my advancing age, I am sometimes prone to forget what I said/wrote yesterday :-)

That happens to everyone, I commonly forget what I wrote... Sometimes comments from an hour ago will catch me out if I'm a little slow that day...

Well that's good to know that I am not the only one with a short term memory shorter then the distance between his eyeballs LOL

well occasionally it makes it to the other eye... I remember things later on though...

The load times are much, much faster for me than when I first joined. Nice job!

I especially like the replies part of PMs. It really got tired copying and pasting from previous messages. Good Work!

I dunno about you guys, but I'd like to see more evil robot antics up on the page header - much like April fool's day.

I like the new updates! I will definitely take note of anything fishy that takes place.

Yeah, nice touches, the pages loading is noticeable along with ridding of the strange parts that made it take around 145s to load up on some pages...

Could you tell me more about the long load times? We've really been trying to speed the load times up, especially for international users.

It had to do with a static at fmpub.net, whatever it was got fixed, I posted a bug report at the time... the load times are quick enough for main content, just the odd bit of script seems slow. Uploading times for images aren't always good but that's unavoidable they're no worse than most sites, better for small images just some large ones time out, it took five goes to get the industrial pipeworks originals up but they're at 3000x2500px so that's just enevitable... I'll make a list of the loading sites that give trouble, fasterfox shows them as they load so it helps a bit in diagnosis.

Ahhhhh, robot's plans will be carried out in the next few minutes! We are all going to die!

Yay! But why is the Evil Instructables Robot talking to himself?