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New Instructables Robot Patches Answered

Check out the new Instructables Robot patches!


Are the patches iron-on?

That's awesome! Just wondering - who designed the Instructables Robot?

Looks like he did some of the patches too... that's cool! I never even thought about who designed the instructables robot.

I forgot too say, I got one of these recently, and it's going on my backpack tomorrow, I'll post a picture. :-) Should I post a picture in a forum, or here?

you need to make them velcro backed so i can wear them on my ACU's (army combat uniform)

My husband pays Tiger Patch (Okinawa) to do that for him. I'm sure you can find a similar place where you're stationed if you're not handy with a needle.

How do I get one?

Wagga! Are these the patches they have for Burning Questions?

Hrm... If so it might be time to look at that list again...


cool how do i get one of these? (privet message me)

Post a really awesome Instructable. You might be featured in the newsletter or place well in one of the contests.

Glorious! A holiday gift from our friends at Instructables, it seems...

You should put red LEDs where the eyes are and run them off of a 2032 battery. That would look really cool, and a little freaky. :)

I want one, but on a site like this shouldn't this bag be a sweet DIY bag, instead of an overpriced Timbuktu? There are even some sweet bag DIYs here. Anyway, sweet patches!!

I'm quite fond of the Timbuk2 bags, but point taken.

Sweet! In that first picture, the eyes look creepy!

Well the robot is a little crazed. It sends a lot of email!

Is he wired, or does he trundle about helping you all with your projects while wirelessly "sending email"? xD


Awesome! must have.......

Those look awesome! Nice distinct colors that jump out at you.


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Cool. I think I won one of those in my prize pack.